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Student's Corner

Welcome To L.P. Savani Academy

L P Savani Day Boarding School was created by a group of experienced founders whose vision was to provide a holistic learning environment for students and to prepare them as independent learners.

At the Day Boarding School, we hope to instil in our students an intrinsic appreciation for life and a love for learning. It is our aim to provide our students with the skills necessary to become environmentally responsible and socially conscious independent world citizens.

Everything that a student in LPSAVANI-Day boarding would do is designed to help your child achieve their absolute best academically as well as developing confidence and a wider understanding of the world around them – enabling each student to go on and take their place as a successful ‘global citizen’. This is reflected in our ethos, guiding statements and our vision.

There is continual assessment of each child’s achievements. And this is achieved by giving personal attention to each child’s academic progress

Teachers use a variety of techniques including testing for knowledge and skills, observations, portfolios of children’s work and analysis of book, project and practical work.

Attitude, learning skills, social relationships and effort are considered equally important when looking at the overall development of a child.