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Diwali Vacation Homework

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Diwali Vacation Homework



English- “  Vocab Hanging” – Make a hanging of 10 new words. Share the words and its meaning in class.

Write your own story using first, then, next and finally. Topic- Visit to a Zoo”.

EVS- Make a scrap book on the following. (Use the scrapbook you have at home)

Paste pictures of wild animals, domestic animals, different birds and insects.

Maths- Draw a figure (clown, scenery etc) using different shapes. Shapes like oval, circle, square, triangle, rectangle etc.

Hindi – Stick pictures of 10 fruits and vegetables of different colors.

The above mentioned projects will be graded.



English- Plant few seeds. Take care of its needs like watering, sunlight etc. Observe it daily and write one sentence on it daily.

Maths- Compare the height of all the family members. Arrange them in order from shortest to tallest. Again tallest to shortest. Draw these orders in your note book.

Evs- An interview with your sweeper how they collect garbage and where they throw. Draw and write five sentences.

Hindi- Stick pictures of different trees and write its importance. (Five points)

The above mentioned projects will be graded.


                      Grade: III

1. Science:

·         Observe how water is wasted at home and make a note on it.

·         Remedies to prevent water pollution.(5 points)

·         List the ways u can save water.( as per the observation you feel water is wasted)

Ø  [ Students are free to present the assignment on any matrerial].


2. English:

·         Prepare a scrapbook of 3-5 pages. Name it as “Unique- I” file, which includes about yourself, your school, and your achievements; describe a funniest an incident happened with you.

      (Special highlights on nouns, pronouns, adjectives, comparing words.)

Ø  [ Students are free to present the assignment on any matrerial].


3. Maths:

·         Measure the following items:

        I.            5 lemons.

      II.            2 capsicums.       (Note that the students do it by themselves)

   III.            3 cucumbers.

·         Send your child to the grocery shop to buy 50 grams of Rajma beans and ensure that he/she brings the correct change.

(Specify the amount sent actual price and whether the child brings correct change.)

4. Social Science :

·         Identify minimum 5 spices and display them creativity either in the form of pictures or original spices.

·         Write a recipe of home remedies for curing any illness.

   5. Hindi:

·         Describe Goa and famous places through pictures and write 3 to 4 sentences on it.

*The above mentioned projects will be graded.




Collect 2 short poems on Simile and Personification (other than those given in your Content Book) and describe them in 3-4 lines. Draw picture/scene of the poem and paste in a scrap book.

Parameters- Creativity (3), Content (3), Presentation (2), Neatness (2)


(i) Find the perimeter of your dining table/study table/bed. Draw a diagram showing measurements in your scrap book. Write your answer in Centimetres.

(ii) Convert 19m 500 cm in centimetres using toothpick/matchsticks in your scrap book.

Parameters- Accuracy (3), Content (3), Presentation (3), Neatness (2)

Social Science

Interview a gardener to ask questions about the type of the soil used, type of crop grown, reasons of soil erosion and methods to conserve soil.

Make entries in your scrap book.

Parameters- Creativity (3), Content (3), Presentation (2), Neatness (2)


Observe eating habits of your family members including yourself.

Then  prepare a balanced diet chart for them which should include proper

Nutrients. State role of each nutrient.

Parameters- Creativity (3), Content (3), Presentation (2), Neatness (2)


Grade: V


Collect 3 short poems from different sources e.g. Newspaper, internet, magazines etc. Write the Rhyme scheme, author’s tone and language technique used in each of them, and put them together in your scrap book.

Parameters- Creativity (3), Content (3), Presentation (2), Neatness (2)  


Observe atleast 3 solid things at your place or around you eg. table, pot etc. and draw their front view and top view.


Selection of objects        [2]

Observation                      [2]

Presentation                     [3]

Accuracy                            [3]


Do a survey in your society and list people suffering from obesity and write down 5 reasons  behind that. Prepare a short report on survey.


Self awareness [3]

Understanding [3]

Interpretation  [2]

Viva                       [2]



Grade: VI


1) Cut advertisements from the ‘classified ads’ of newspapers and paste them under the following heads in your notebooks.

1) Situation vacant        2) Sales and purchase (property / vehicles / household goods)

3) To let                          4) Lost and found        5) Educational institutions / courses

Rubrics: Marks: [10]

Presentation: 2.5, content: 2.5, neatness: 2.5, creativity: 2.5


With the help of your parents or grandparents write one story from one of the epic.

Rubrics: [10]

 Inculcate of Value (2) Narration (3) Lingual skill (3) Presentation (1)


Sort a list of different materials as conductors or insulators used in daily life. Also, make a list of safety precautions that should be followed at public places to avoid electric shock.

Rubrics: [10]

   Content understanding   [3]   Application [3] Awareness [2] Viva [2]



Make a timeline of your life based on important events that have occurred in your life. The numbers on the timeline represent your age. Anything that has occurred after you were born will be in the positive and anything before, will be in the negative.

* Example, if you have a sister or brother who is 4 years older than you, you would indicate his/her birth on -4.

*Zero would be when you were born.



 1) Creativity  2) Knowledge of Topic c) Graphics & Pictures d) Neatness



Read the newspaper or watch the news. Choose a news story that has piqued your interest. Write a report on the news story or Write a dialogue in which a journalist interviews someone involved in the story.

Rubrics: Marks:[10]

Content: 3, presentation:2, vocabulary:3, neatness:2



Walk around your neighborhood and collect different types of stones and pebbles. Examine the feature of each stone such as color, texture and grains and try to determine the type of rock it has come from. (Present in a form of chart)

Rubrics Observation (4) Viva (4) Presentation (2)



Write a paragraph of about 100 words on “Life Without light” supported with pictures.


Rubrics:  Content/ Composing [3]  Written expression  [3]  Awareness  [2]  Viva  [2]



TOPIC: Altitudes and Medians of Different types of Triangles.

Classify different types of triangles. Differentiate between Altitudes and Medians of triangle. Are they same in each and every type of triangle? Using the diagrams of different types of triangles showing Median and Altitudes of it explain them briefly. Also list out some live examples with brief explanation on it.

Parameters: 1) Creativity  2) Knowledge of Topic & Content c) Graphics & Pictures d) Neatness