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Student's Corner

 Core Philosophy

When We Think of School...

The School must be an occasion of progress for the teacher as well as for the students. Each must have the freedom to develop himself/herself freely. Heavy loads of books, home work, exam pressures, strict, punishments - are these thoughts that cross your mind when you think of a school? Let's think what REAL EDUCATION is all about.


We Believe...

True education is about nurturing the body, mind and spirit in a healthy, happy and a stress free environment -which makes coming to school an enjoyable experience.

L.P.Savani Academy is an academy of “ Dreamers” Because, those who dream, they do and those who do, make a difference to the world.

We BELIEVE that “Textbooks don't teach you everything. We know that academics need to be coupled with freedom of thought and speech”

We are not scared of implementing silly ideas which would help our students to be prepared for life and not only for school.

We nurture self confidence, self discipline, critical thinking and creativity which brings a positive change in their life.